About Us

The Wellness Sisters originally formed in 2018, consisting of a small group of young women with breast cancer and supported by our local breast care nurse Kate Kroll.

Initially supporting each other through our cancer experience, we now extend our support to the wider community not just those with breast cancer. We have a focus on holistic wellness during and post care treatment.

Our Members

Chair Person – Megan Travers
Secretary – Deb Holsman
Treasurer – Diana Fox
Media Guru – Karen Casagrande

Fabulous Members
Diane Head
Lorna Treacey
Kate Kroll
Claire Hunter
Tammy Sneddon
Sue Duffield
Lesley Hartup
Sharon Todd
Heather Guest
Alex Savaidis
Rebecca Andon
Astrida Hartwig
Glenys Tulett
Kerry Ballard